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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

The Rialto Report, the excellent podcast that features interviews with legendary adult film stars from the 1970s and beyond, posted the following on their website this week "Debbie Does Dallas"' also made a star out of the lead actress, Bambi Woods. Some guy found out her real name years ago (Colleen something) and wrote a bad written E-book about it on Amazon. He tried selling it to National Enquirer but they didn't wanna pay much, so he just put out the ebook. The Rialto Report people are very good at finding porn people nearly everyone else couldn't.

Both Eric Edwards and Paul Thomas were signed to the William Morris Agency before they were in porn.

Thomas came from a wealthy family, so he didn't really need to do porn, he just wanted to.

R2 The Rialto Report also interviewed Jeff Stryker a couple of years ago.

He didn't seem all that bright, but he did seem to be a genuinely nice guy. I would love to see recent pictures of her, though. It's just sad to witness the virtual disappearance of a person, though. It's good that she's in good spirits despite everything.

Guess he didn't have the patience to pursue a mainstream career. Here is Eric Edwards William Morris Agency headshot, courtesy of the Rialto Report.

R56 I love Erik Edwards, His Rialto Report interview is so fascinating and he's so articulate and intelligent. He's been through some very difficult times personally, and he had a crazy ex-wife who pretty much ruined his life.

They're also apparently working on a big piece about the late "straight for pay" star, Wade Nichols.

She did only a few movies to finance her surgery, and she has a very ordinary life and career (she's actually widely rumored to be dead).

Besides Georgina, Dolly Sharp (the Rialto Report article on her his excellent), Jennifer Welles, Veronica Hart (another excellent Rialto interview), Rebecca Brooke, Jennifer Jordan and Marlene Willoughby (her Rialto Report interview is very funny) all had theater backgrounds.

The Rialto Report tracked down Bambi Woods recently but has not been able to secure an interview as of yet. They've found Woods, Lisa De Leeuw (long rumored to be dead), and Desiree Cousteau but they're currently not willing to give interviews.

She's got to be around 60 years old now and must have some good perspective around it all.

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