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It would be odd to eat one for breakfast, and you can put your own butter on it.

If there's a specific kind of roll that goes by the name "buttered roll" that presumably has butter already in it, I've never heard of it.

Especially in the winter when you're wearing gloves.

I remember the distinct culture clash from about 10-12 years ago when I went into a Starbucks type place to get coffee for the first time, and found that I had to do all the milk, sugar, lidding, etc., adding myself at another station.

A co-worker of mine is from California and, until today, she did not know what a buttered roll was. Another co-worker confirmed that when she was in Georgia she asked for a buttered roll and they looked at her as if she told them she was sticking them up. Hard to tell without a picture or a better description of the flavor.

Not a dinner roll with butter on it but a big, soft in the inside, chewy on the outside roll. As for butter roll, I would assume it's a dinner roll served with a pat of butter on the side.

I am truely surprised that this is a New York thing. I've also never seen (that I can recall) pre-buttered bagels (especially not at a 7-11). Don't tell me you eat untoasted bagels in New York! Not quite gilding the lily, but more like putting ketchup on a prime steak.

Pull up in any convenience store in central/north jersey in the morning and I'd be put out if they didn't have buttered rolls ready wrapped for you, and they'd certainly make them on request. I'm an early bird and often see the roll delivery come in to places.I'm still not sure what you mean by a roll but not a dinner roll.There are cinnamon rolls and kaiser rolls and crescent rolls, but a plain adjective-less roll always means a dinner roll to me.I was like, "isn't the point of getting coffee to GET MY COFFEE AND WALK AWAY DRINKING IT? I'm still not convinced a buttered roll is, though." 3: Plain Buttered Roll - Sometimes, you want to keep it simple. Every cart in Manhattan sells these for a buck every morning. Like my co-worker said to the guy in Georgia, "A roll with fucking butter on it!

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