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No longer restricted by the publisher guidelines that in the 1990s censored what I could write, I also reworked and rewrote scenes and dialogue. Each of the three is different and each endears itself to me for a unique reason.

By far I loved its hero—but more importantly it earned my military son’s seal of approval for accuracy. I was never thrilled with the cover either.) was the first book I wrote (ever). In speaking to E, I realized I may have realized my writing niche after all.

Though he’s now water under my bridge, he set the bar pretty damn high.

In fact, he came out on top (no pun intended, but yeah .

(or is it only me who needs a cold shower and /or the nightstand drawer . Besides which, I finally checked the sales numbers for yesterday. She said she’d been reading me for a while and that it was as if each of my stories when published mirrored exactly what she was going through that week. Because she’d included her phone number in her email, I called her.

She told me to keep writing because I “help so many who are going through” what I write about.

Walking through the Latin Quarter with that self-same colleague (with whom I have now bonded and call “friend”), we passed an Italian restaurant.

Truly, in the last 5 years, I’ve only encountered 2 men who checked off those subconscious (or not) boxes of mine. Short and not so sweet: I wasn’t likely to find anyone—so why the fuck bother? Add to it my insistence upon fireworks (read “It’s in His Kiss”) and my proclivity toward young, dark-haired, exotic (albeit dude was a definite against “type” although still 9 years younger) and what we have, ladies, is a pessimistic attitude that has surely created a self-fulfilling prophecy. In all honesty, my age is doing a number on my confidence. In fact, over the past 6 months I’d metaphorically hung out a “closed for repairs” sign.

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(He read it while deployed, but admitted he’d torn off its bodice-ripper cover first. As such, it has the simplest story line—and the most sex scenes. It’s not my academic knowledge, formal training or expertise—because I have none, none and none. But my honesty and willingness to openly and candidly (sometimes too candidly) write about my emotions, doubts, fears and experiences .

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