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Mistress X has a wicked imagination which is almost endless and without limit. I danced from one foot to the other, I groaned, I doubled over, I did everything I could but it just kept burning.On our last session she made me tie shoelaces around my shaft and do it tightly. As I squirmed and was in tears of pain, she sat killing herself with laughter for a good five minutes before I was finally allowed to go and rinse off with cold water.I think the kind of guy who gets offended, is often just uninitiated into what is really going on. I have been meaning to set up some sort of chat room when I get some free time and have to do one for a project anyway so may get round to doing this at some point. Allowing users to simply to choose a username and go will leave it open to all sorts of spamming/harrassing/name stealing.I mean, if you just walked into a room where you heard screaming and saw what appeared to be a man molesting a woman, wouldn't you naturally think a crime was being committed? Would have to be one of those 'PM for access and an account with your femdom forum name will be created for you' things.I'll accept a little bit of that, but I'm there for me, not to provide stroke material for some guy I don't know.The other is the guys who will come on there and attack women for being into BB. Because we like BB, we're suddenly man-haters who circumcise boys because of our contempt for all males.

I think the BB community would grow a lot faster that way, with easier access to things you want to communicate across the web. i use this site that pairs 2 ppl up and you, and the stranger so u and stranger talk completely anonymous.Rebecca The chatroom at be lots of fun, but it is mostly geared towards gay male/male ballbusting.I've had some really worthwhile chats there though, some exciting, some deep and quite interesting. There would be two problems though, and too much of either would make me stop using it.When it comes to cock and ball torture and ballbusting they are in a league of their own.The things they make you do can be terrifying but oh so exciting to subs and sissies.

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