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Photos and musings on the matter here, but long story short, this is crazy easy to make.To prepare the vanilla bean, split it in half and scrape; add the bean paste into the sugar. Turn the heat to medium and stir gently while heating to dissolve the sugar.This temperature yields the most authentic “Nutella” flavor.

But since most people will probably make this from the ground up, and I thought it was only fair to let them know they could leave the butter out if they wanted. I’ve made it with peanut oil and it turned out great. You can make up a batch and store it at cool room temperature almost indefinitely so long as you take care to use sanitary tools & avoid touching or double dipping. I have made nutella before but a much simpler version and I never so much liked how it turned out. · Laura Ganssle · Feb 05, 2012 · PM @Laura, I think you’ll love it. I saw my childhood dishes on a tv show once, it makes you strangely excited to see them, doesn’t it?

· threeblondesandatomas · 29, 2011 · PM @threeblondesandatomas, You could say the butter is a vestigial ingredient.

The recipe started out with me seeing my hazelnut brittle and thinking, “Hmmm, if I ground this up with chocolate I bet it would be Nutella-y! Of course, once you pour in that much chocolate and oil, the butter gets lost, but I write these recipes to keep a record of what I do at work. And would it be okay to use golden syrup in place of the corn syrup or honey? Oh, and I’d like you to know that I all your ‘homemade’ recipes. It feels good to know what goes inside what you make, the process involved and of course the end-result! I was wondering if it’s possible to can this, because I wanted to make it into some cool christmas presents. · verusketa · Nov 07, 2011 · PM @verusketa, I don’t know much about canning, so I’m afraid I can’t give you much advice there.

I made this at work where it is about 60° and it set up . Just take care not to microwave the mixture if you are thawing it out, the heat will cause the crystallized sugar to melt out, destroying the additively crunchy texture of the paste.

Whenever I make it at home (a balmy 72°) it can take several hours. If you’re looking for clever ways to use up a good portion of your Nutella, try layering it with the vanilla wafers in banana pudding!

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