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This set of circumstances, yet another “US state of exception,” demands new ways of thinking about the power of images and networks, and imagining how transnational opposition to such state actions can be catalyzed and organized.

Fung’s videos have been screened and archived throughout the world, and he has been widely recognized with awards such as the Bell Canada Award for Lifetime Achievement in Video and the Toronto Arts Award for Media Art.It traces the rise and fall of Southern slaveholding against a hemispheric backdrop.A third book, Was slavery in the 19th century Americas coterminous with the legal ownership of property in persons, or should we instead separate the exercise of the powers that attach to ownership from the state’s recognition of the person as a slave?Buhle, an activist since his teen years, established a new left journal in the 1960s and a journal on popular culture in the 1970s. James, as well as graphic histories of the IWW, SDS, and Emma Goldman.He has edited or written more than 40 books, including a three volume study of Jews and popular culture, an authorized biography of C. The conference helps launch York University’s new US Studies Program and showcases, along with the contributions of other distinguished scholars, York’s excellence in “American” studies.

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