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For example, someone who just started taking out credit may have a lower percentage weighting in the Length Of Credit History component vs. The longer you can demonstrate you’ve consistently paid a lender on time, the higher your score.The more you’ve been late or have not paid, the lower your score.My credit score thankfully jumped back to 797 within three months and my refinance was complete.What is scary about the whole thing is that I had successfully refinanced another property in 2010 with no signs of an impending hit due to the late payment.I used to have an AMEX corporate card that had a 0,000 credit limit.

They understand everybody has to start somewhere and most are willing to lend with an initial small credit line.

Lenders don’t want to lend more money to people who are already using up all their line of credit.

My story: In the past I had mortgages, student loans, a car loan for one year, and zero revolving credit card debt. I purposefully try to keep my primary mortgage at around one million dollars because I think that is the ideal mortgage amount for tax benefits based off my income.

credit cards, mortgages, car loans, student loans etc, 3) whether you have balances, 4) how many of your accounts have balances, and 5) how much of the installment loan do you still owe vs the original amount e.g. Owing a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad creditor.

But owing a lot of money on multiple accounts which are maxed to the limit show credit risk which may negatively hurt your credit score.

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It took 14 long years and many false hopes, but I finally broke 800 on my credit score back in September, 2013!

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