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At the time, its broadcasting license dictates that the network is required to devote at least 50% of its airtime to educational programming, and at least 30% of its airtime to children's educational programming.

The station was owned by Asahi Shimbun, Toei Company, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and Obunsha.

Luna tells her that she is destined to be Sailor Moon, "champion of love and justice", and she must search for the fabled Moon Princess.

Usagi finds friends that turn out to be destined senshi as well, and together they fight to save the world from the certain doom brought upon by the Dark Kingdom (Queen Beryl, the generals, Metallia).12 Spanish dubbed6 German dubbed6 Portuguese dubbed3 Spanish subtitled2 Russian dubbed2 Polish subtitled2 Swedish dubbed1 Swedish edited dub1 Tagalog dubbed1 Italian edited dub1 Italian dubbed1 French dubbed1 French subtitled18 Spanish dubbed7 Portuguese dubbed7 Swedish dubbed6 German dubbed4 French dubbed4 Spanish subtitled3 Italian dubbed2 Russian dubbed2 Portuguese subtitled2 Dutch dubbed2 Polish subtitled1 Polish edited dub1 French subtitled1 Croatian subtitled1 Italian edited dub1 Swedish edited dub1 Tagalog dubbed1 Indonesian dubbed1 Portuguese edited dub Seen in part or in whole by 8992 users, rank: #45 (of 7158)Median rating: Good Arithmetic mean: 6.956 (Good), std.

Despite its heroine's personal issues, My Boyfriend in Orange is an interesting romance where the love interest has a good reason to keep saving the day: it's all part of being a fireman! Inuyashiki Last Hero managed to adapt its entire source manga in just 11 episodes, but its twists and turns resulted in some divisive takes. The Sword Art Online give-away i...― Piotr asked: I am a big fan of space opera.Ufotable productions blend 3D backgrounds, elaborate VFX and 2D animation to create exciting scenes that impress f...― The High School Dx D franchise has become the current standard-setter for harem series, especially action-oriented ones with supernatural elements, so the appearance of imitators in that sphere is hardly a surpri...Due to a change of career, 20-year-old Michiru Amatsuki moved to a women-only share house called "Stella House Haruno" in Tokyo, where people of different ages and occupations have fun with delicious alcohol and food around.In 2003, the company headquarters moved to a new building designed by Fumihiko Maki.The address is: 6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

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NET's transformation into a general-purpose television station was complete by November 1973, when NET, along with educational channel "Tokyo Channel 12" (now TV Tokyo) in Tokyo applied and received a general purpose television station license.

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