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But if you’re going to go for the chance that you might find someone who’s not ase but willing to date one (and by “date,” I mean have any kind of romantic or blurry-lines relationship), then by all means, go with this one.It has a ton of advantages over other dating sites, and is flexible enough to accomodate all manner of people.I know that often, we romantic asexuals do end up foraying into the (potentially scary) world of online dating, so I thought I might help those who are considering it by putting up some reviews of the dating sites I’ve tried. This is where I met my “wife,” so obviously, I’ve had some success with it.To some extent, I realize I was extremely lucky, but at the same time, this site ranks up there with the best dating sites of all time.But with a little time and a little luck, you may well be able to find someone who is compatible with you.Sites that are specifically targeted to asexuals and/or celibate people generally have the disadvantage of being very obscure.

I had an OKC account before I actually started using my profile for dating purposes, because I found the quizzes to be an excellent way to waste inordinate amounts of time on the internet.

With time, it will probably grow more and more asexual-friendly, too.

It’s been a few years since I’ve used online dating sites, and the scene has certainly changed.

This site was not created with asexuals in mind, so you will probably run into a lot of people who aren’t interested in an asexual person before you will run into someone who is.

However, in a way, this is an advantage in itself, because you may be able to find people who would not have specifically searched for an asexual themselves (maybe because they had never heard of the idea, or never really considered it), but who are willing to date one anyway.

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This is good news for little-known sexual orientations and anyone who practices alternative relationship styles.

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