Polyamory married and dating cancelled

“I feel that what we are doing is not supported by halachah.” Rabbi Elliot Dorff, rector of American Jewish University in Los Angeles and a longtime champion of gay inclusion in the Jewish community, draws the line when it comes to polyamory.

“First of all, the depth of the relationship is much greater if it’s monogamous,” Dorff said.

I would say the same to gay or straight couples: There should be one person you live your life with.” But some poly Jews say they have pursued other relationships precisely because their partners were unable to fulfill all their needs.A number of partners have been part of the couple’s relationship since Izen, 64, and Diane Foushee, 56, first got together 3 1/2 years ago.Now they are seeking a third partner in the hopes of forming a stable three-way relationship, or triad.“Judaism right now is very oriented towards having 2.5 kids, a picket fence and a respectable job.There’s not a lot of respect for people on the fringe.” A former editor of Modern Poly.com, a nationwide polyamory website, Pittard has been polyamorous for 10 years and is currently involved with three partners — two men and one woman.

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