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Finally we were transferred from that city so things came at a temporary halt.After a gap of two years we came across a couple when we finally got into fucking with some other partner.It has since been viewed more than 22million times on Facebook.Viewers said it captured 'the epitome of America' and depicted the American dream.A video of Punjabi and Mexican neighbors dancing together at a Fourth of July street party in California has gone viral.

As the days passed by we started asking whether we would actually like to do it with another partner. Though we enjoyed every bit of it but we did not get into fucking each other’s wife..

Jashandeep Kahlon told Twitter users how he and his friends were having a party on July 4 when their Mexican neighbors began dancing in the street.

After a few Latin American songs, the music switched to Bollywood hits and the group of Indian men joined in.

We started telling each other our fantasies thus bringing each other too fantastic climaxes.

She would tell a fantasy involving her English professor or a class fellow whom she had liked in her hindsight before marriage but never dared to even think of it. Though I was possessive about my beautiful, innocent and sexy wife I took the plunge. We got few responses but since we were beginners we selected a couple who are doctors.

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Asha seemed to enjoy her drinks and in between we were exchanging looks exploring each other.

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