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Our engine uses a bone-stock oiling system, though we found that even the low-volume oil pump gear needed to be shaved 0.010 inch to avoid an interference problem with the oil pump cover.

All our testing was done using an internally balanced flywheel borrowed from Bruce Kent, a Meziere electric water pump, Rockett Brand 91-octane gas, an MSD ignition, E3 spark plugs, and a set of Hooker headers coated by Jet-Hot.

This month we’ll kick it off with cam and intake testing using stock iron Stage 1-style heads, and next month you’ll see how the iron heads stack up against the Edelbrocks and the entry-level aluminum offerings from TA Performance.

Speaking of TA, we’ve got to thank Mike Tomaszewski over there, as well as local Buick fan (and owner of a 9-second, naturally aspirated GS455) Bruce Kent, both of whom loaned us parts and expertise.

In fact, when Editor Glad did finally score a junkyard 455 while planning for this latest Buick story, the block turned out to be damaged beyond repair.

That’s what this story is here for–to deliver the facts about what works and what doesn’t on a simple, budget-built 455.The headers are for a Skylark, feature 1 7/8-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors, and were run with 18-inch collector extensions.We used a Holley 750-cfm Street HP carb for every test, and it was determined through testing that 32 degrees of total timing made the most power.On our test engine, the compression represents what you’ll get from a stock ’71 to ’76 junkyard 455 or what is running in your Buick right now.The Speed-Pro L2353F pistons start life with 27.8cc dishes, then add another 3 to 4 cc for the custom valve notches, bringing the total to about 32 cc.

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The compression height is 1.975, the stock rods are 6.600 inches, the stock stroke is 3.900 inches, and the production deck height is 10.57 inches.

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