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Each pair chatted for three minutes to figure out if they had potential for a scientific spark and then moved on to the next candidate.At the end of the event, participants chose three people they wanted to collaborate with.” Rather than taking the traditional approach of focusing on a single sensory domain, Sen wants to look for common properties within different systems, in different paradigms and different sub-populations of neurons.

In addition to these study-specific findings, this project prompted further reflection on and refinement of the User Enactment method itself. * Best Paper Award* (Local Copy, ACM Link) Odom, W.I generated four design concepts that changed the form and behavior of these digital things, making them more present within a teen bedroom.I then conducted User Enactment sessions to investigate how these new forms and behaviors influence perceptions of value.Within 24 hours, the Simons Foundation team had put together the event, hosting 13 experimentalist-theorist pairs. (Because of time constraints, only the first 15 from each group were invited to participate.) Each indicated the type of relationship they were seeking, from the scientific equivalent of a brief affair — “just give me your data” — to those ready to commit to a “long-term, back-and-forth theory/experiment relationship.” Participants certainly had a lot to talk about — at the end of each round, most were reluctant to move on to the next candidate.Michael Kohl, an experimentalist at the University of Oxford, made a number of connections even before getting his post-hoc matches.

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