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The gang, after rebuking Raj's attempt of a social gathering in the form of a murder mystery dinner party, are surprised that they actually like Raj's latest idea: an intellectual scavenger hunt based on those held at post-secondary institutions.Even Penny likes the idea, but no one, including Leonard, seems to like the idea of being partnered with her, who they see as the liability among the group.When Sheldon, who has no understanding of sarcasm, takes Penny's comment literally and turns around to go back inside, a frustrated Penny, who does not know of Sheldon's lack of understanding of sarcasm, storms into his apartment.Penny notices Sheldon playing his game, and curiously inquires.Penny's obsession for the game grows as she interrupts Sheldon again, this time in the middle of his sleep to ask him for advice.The next morning, Sheldon confronts Eric Gablehauser to mediate his problem with Leslie Winkle.When Penny bursts in on him in the middle of the night, Sheldon is wearing his Monday pajamas, and can't get out of bed to assist her because he's not wearing the bottoms, having spilled juice on them.The next day at the university, Sheldon is befuddled over what to do about Penny and appropriately wears his Riddler - Bat Question shirt.

He then tries to retaliate, but is too tired to do so.In the car scenes her shirt appears light pink and red.This is because for car scenes, a blue screen is used to create the moving car effect.In the final scene, Penny's character meets Howard's character in the game and she agrees to go on a quest followed by a drink at a tavern.It is then that Penny, looking scared, realizes she needs help and tosses her laptop away.

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Leonard remains focused on how he will make it up to Penny for not wanting to be her partner, while Bernadette shows her killer instinct in game playing.

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